Here's what we offer

#1 - Full service package

Includes everything necessary to get your professional business online representation up and running.

  • Website design
  • Logo design
  • Fotography
  • Individual domain name
  • Website hosting (12 months included)
  • Personalized e-mail address
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

$ 775.00

#2 - Webdesign & hosting

If you just need a website hosted as quick as possible then this is your choice.
We can provide you some pictures from our repository to spice up your site.

  • Website design
  • Individual domain name
  • Website hosting (12 months included)
  • Personalized e-mail address
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

$ 515.00

#3 - Your Wordpress blog

Keep your customers updated about your recent business activities with an easy to maintain Wordpress blog.

  • Wordpress blog design
  • Individual domain name
  • Blog hosting (12 months included)

$ 385.00

#4 - Add a 6 months maintenance plan

We support you with applying changes or additions to your website's or blog's current content.

$ 65.00

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This is our story in brief

When I started my own dog walking business from scratch I had to figure out the best way to let people know what I do and how to get in touch with dog owners that are looking for my services. I tried out different ways letting people know that I am out there and ready to get into business.
I knew I would be able to reach more people when I use several ways of advertising myself, but I soon realized the conventional ways like distributing leaflets and word of mouth didn't work out well. I finally started to build up my online representation. Like most small businesses, I set up a Facebook page first. But, to make myself really visible to potential clients that are using web search engines I had to get started building my own business website.
I invested many hours in learning how to create a professional looking website and how to increase my Google ranking, so people have a chance to find me easier. Developing my skills and knowledge in this new field was not only a challenge - I managed doing quite successfully. Helping other dog professionals to make a good living of their passion was the reason why I started pro dog web design.
Many great dog walkers I met struggle to get new clients because they don't have an internet representation, even if there is high demand for their services. Hiring a company to build a professional looking website and to do the SEO can be very expensive. Especially at the beginning of a career this is money as well as time lots of people cannot afford to spend.
I thought about a way to keep the costs for dog professionals as low as possible and finally came up with our concept of providing our simple but effective solution.

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